• Beaverbrook Art Gallery
  • Images Stream: Digitizing Pegi Nicol MacLeod’s Suburban Sunday (1939), UNB Art Centre collection
  • University of Toronto Art Centre


The Images Streams consist of pilot projects developed in collaboration with work-study students employed by ArtCan and gallery staff at three art galleries: the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in Fredericton, the University of New Brunswick Art Centre, and the University of Toronto Art Centre. Students are trained in a range of art world skills, from researching and writing catalogue entries, to seeking reproduction permissions from artists and estates, to web applications. The Centre for Digital Scholarship (CDS)—formerly the Electronic Text Centre (ETC)—at UNB is orchestrating digitization of the Beaverbrook and UNB Art Centre collections. These pilot projects will present up to 100 images from each gallery on the web as a prototype.

Beaverbrook Art Gallery Digitization

University of New Brunswick Art Centre Digitization

University of Toronto Art Centre Collection and Exhibition Research


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