• University of Toronto Art Centre

University of Toronto Art Centre Collection and Exhibition Research

Each year, ArtCan sponsors two work-study positions at UTAC.

In 2013–14, ArtCan sponsored and supervised work-study students in the analysis of thirty major art museum, gallery, or encyclopedic websites, identifying the digital image database features that would be the most user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and appropriate for ArtCan. They also compiled data on the websites’ image label categories and on the types of textual entries on the images. Recommendations resulting from this group’s discussions were presented to the ArtCan Steering Committee and form the basis for the evolution of this website. The students also wrote essays and compiled selected bibliographies for artworks in UTAC’s University College Collection.

In 2014–15, students will assist the exhibition curators in journal-based research undertaken as background research for a fall 2016 exhibition at the University of Toronto Art Centre and Justina M. Barnicke Gallery. The exhibition and the accompanying publications will focus on the history of Toronto-based art from 1968 to the present.